breakup has become your soul killer

Broken becomes your soul killer to keep good memories: If you can, although you have broken up, try to remember your happy time with him to reduce your hatred of him or him. 1. Always go if you want to go: If unfortunately, your boyfriend said to you to break up, don’t ignore him to keep him. Because if he really changed his mind, or if everyone’s personality is different, and then get along, it will only end unpleasantly. Therefore, it would be better to leave a good impression to the other party. 2. Decisive, firm, and honest: To break up, we must be firm. As for honesty, it is a must. One must respect each other. Secondly, no matter what you break up, it is always a paper that can’t hold fire. It will be revealed sooner or later. On the contrary, it will make the scene more embarrassing. Keep in mind that “sleek” is ok, it can reduce the degree of damage to the other party, but never allow lying! 3, can not pedal two boats: don’t let yourself fall into a situation of two pedals, carrying the third The reputation of the person! 4, couples become friends: Do not believe that the couple after the breakup can be friends, because not everyone can forget the days of the previous tweet, so do not force the couple who have broken up to be friends. 5, keep calm: break up for you or him, no more will have a certain blow, so it is best to find a place to slowly think about it, give him or himself a little more time to accept this reality. 6. The public place will say: The word “breakup” may cause you or him to feel out of control, anxiety, and uncomfortable, thus increasing the chances of both sides making a big noise. Therefore, it is recommended that you try not to break up in public places. For the best, lest everyone be embarrassed. 7. It’s hard to tell: If you feel that it is too difficult to say “break up” in person, you can try to use the power of words to let him understand this fact before calling him to make it clear that he can not only reduce the embarrassment, but also Allow plenty of time for the other party to think about the beginning and the end of the matter. For more information, click on Feihua Health’s gender topic: