What factors will destroy happy marriage?

The freezing of three feet is not a cold day, the bursting of marriage is not caused by two small things, but the erosion of marriage slowly under the accumulation of many factors. So, what are the factors that undermine marriage after marriage? Xiao Bian summed up a few points for everyone, I hope to inspire everyone and avoid the unfortunate consequences of marriage. I don’t know how to care for my husband during the love period. Men will take more care of women. After marriage, men are busy with their careers. Under the increasing pressure of society, men almost do not care about their health. Many white-collar workers are buying The house makes money, often staying up late to work overtime. If a woman still doesn’t care about men at this time, your emotions are slowly alienating. When men feel that they can’t find warmth in this home, can marriage continue? After years of different marriages, get along with each other. You see that you don’t have the passion of the past, and you can’t get sex with sex. For a long time, sex is a routine task, and even some couples simply don’t make love. The number of sexual life continues to decrease, and the body and brain will begin to adapt to the “zero intimacy” marriage relationship, and may end up being “sexless.” Although it cannot be said that sex life determines the degree of sexual well-being of marriage, to a certain extent, the quality of sexual life is indeed crucial. Some netizens complained that after they bought the vitality condom, they have not expired after expiration, and they can imagine the frequency of sex life. Work is too busy and the other party communicates too little. Indeed, white-collar workers are under great pressure. They are busy every day. They are still working overtime after work in the evening. There are very few opportunities to communicate with the other half, let alone chat and talk. I can’t get the news of my lover all day long. At the beginning, I will let the other person worry and lose. After a long time, I will feel calm and my feelings will light up. No matter how busy during the day, couples should use various methods to contact. It is customary for a woman to take up the responsibility of taking care of her husband and children after marriage. They shuttle through the big stores. In order to save the expenses of the family, they buy discounted items. In the eyes of men, it seems that all this is the responsibility of women. As long as you make money, it will take a long time, and they will be able to get rid of more internal matters, such as repairing furniture and cleaning. For a long time, which woman can support this kind of life?