Nightclub Raiders: How to hunt in the bar

At night, the majority of the hunters are excited and intoxicated. In fact, for the hunters, the best goal is to be in the bar. However, male friends who first entered this road may not understand the hidden rules of many bars to pick up and pick up girls. At this time, you need to listen to the opinions of the veterans. How to pick up a girl at a nightclub? This is also very knowledgeable. 1. Take the bar as a task First, I think you should look at the bar as a military action. In other words, treat it as a task. 2, learn to be alone and avoid mixing with your friends, unless they are very good at picking up girls. 3. Avoid people who can’t get there once they get to the bar. Avoid those women with big bags and handbags, so as not to get into trouble. They also need dating, sex, falling in love, need love? Of course. However, after my long-term observation, they are usually the “gunners” who hired to adjust the atmosphere of the bar that night. (Not the same in China) 4, condom woman does not necessarily rely on the same, when the party, avoid those women who use a pin to keep a condom. Those condoms are what they use to attract men’s attention, not to say they want to do it. (Not the same in China) 7. Don’t lean against the wall. Have you found that the space around the wall is very good? Those who rely on the wall or have a girl are usually athletes (soccer, basketball, etc.). Look for these men. Put yourself on the dance floor advice or other places where you can talk to a woman or go home directly. Don’t let yourself be a loser in the “death penalty zone”. Xiaobian recommended: Uncovering: Which country has the most sexual love? Why does the “female chasing male” fail? 8. Warm up. I usually go to the dance floor as soon as I go to the bar, even if no one. Why? Well, ironically, because I am not the best in the world. Therefore, when many people want to drink some wine before they go to the stage, I just go directly to the dance floor and wiggle the body. Yes, I see this as a warm-up. (Not the same in China) 9. Enthusiasm is the best medicine now, I believe that eye contact is the most important. However, when I was in the bar, I never waited for it to arrive. Instead, I just went to a girl or a bunch of girls, then put the biggest smile on my face, hugged each of them, and said “hi”. Remember: When I talk, I usually hold or marry her in one form or another. That is to say, no matter if I am talking from behind, from the side or the front, I will put my hand on them, then smile and say: “That is cool” and so on. 10, to understand your goal, this way of talking can be done on her body, but in another person may not work. Say hello to her, come back, and come back later. She will consider whether you want to be with her. 11. Learn to walk away. This is an important thing to say now, brothers. If you don’t see anything else, this is the biggest secret of a girl. If a woman refused you earlier that night, it does not mean leaving silently and never coming back. Never ask why she doesn’t dance. She has the right to refuse, but this has nothing to do with you. Just walk away. But with the same smile, then say: “** her name, see you later~” Keep leaving with a smile. Then continue dancing and have fun. Dance with other women and kiss. Then later, go and say hello to the woman who rejected you. How did she refuse you, will decide how to call her again for the second time. However, always give each woman the opportunity to know about you for the second time. Usually they won’t remember to reject you before. 12. Don’t be afraid to kiss. People don’t mind seeing women. In fact, they like to see you kissing other women in the bar. After you have kissed other women, it will be easy to make another one or the next group of women. It is as if a woman likes what other women have. Once, a woman said to me, “You are the one who kissed my friend XX there.” Then, within 5 minutes, we also reached that step. 13. Learn to look at the eyes. How do I know if they want to kiss? I want to ask them? No! I found that when a woman wants you to kiss her, she will give you a strong eye contact, usually they will have a slight lip. They usually open their lips slightly instead of closing them and start to lick their lips. I didn’t know it before, so I didn’t kiss. The women asked me: “Are you shy? Why don’t you kiss me?” Now I only pay attention to the above signals. Then I put their hair back (and then she laughs) and then dragged her face with my left hand, licking the water, then coming back a little, then. . . 14. Never get drunk and never go home with a drunk woman. (You are likely to be accused of rape if she is uneasy later) Guess you like: 娶 Which woman is the most unlucky bed woman’s sexual desire for more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: Cn