The love of the whole person lying in the bathtub

Speaking of sex will naturally lead to a climax. Let us first analyze the source of the climax. The climax is the sensitive point of mutual stimulation between the two sexes, thus getting physical and spiritual satisfaction; and sex is a thing full of imagination and new ideas. Unchanging sex is like a routine. Without a passion orgasm, you are getting farther and farther away from you. Today we introduce the sex process in the bathtub. It is the bath that everyone knows. It is easiest to achieve a lot of difficult postures in sex in the water, because the body in the water is usually lighter than in the air; if you can do it in the water, of course on land. Therefore, some of the “experimental” attempts, or those who do not want to be sent to the emergency room because of unexpected accidents, it is best to start from the bathtub. Moreover, the water should not be placed too hot, so that important parts are easily injured due to congestion and swelling. Of course, it is stripped in the bathroom, and the whole person is lying in the bathtub or taking a shower in the shower. The man first enters the narrow tub, adopts the posture of holding the woman in front, and hands around the back of the woman to make the contact he likes. However, when you first start taking a bath, don’t enter the other person’s body immediately. You can pour hot water to make a joke, or kiss the other’s neck and start the foreplay. I believe that you have played such a game in the middle of falling in love, it is indeed a nostalgic game. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, you can make a very stimulating caress with your feet open. Carefully observe each other’s reactions, the most important thing is to clean the body first, and the resistance is less than lying on the bed. Wash the sides of each other to form a natural caress. After slowly warming up, you can massage your body and renew your body and mind. For the contact of the sex device or the sexy belt, it can also be regarded as an extension of the body cleaning, and is also most suitable for the foreplay. If the bathroom is wide enough, you can lie on the mat, as if the body with the foam is sliding, and it is very exciting to caress each other. Just like enjoying the fun of bubble bath, it will become a new experience for women. I believe women will love this bubble bath. If it is a shower, you can use a relatively strong water column to pour the clitoris, and then gently give your fingers a vibration, it is easier to reach the climax than the ordinary caress. In addition, you can use the bubble to touch the clitoris, as long as women do not like it, I believe that it can gradually reach a climax. Then women will serve men. Although the bathroom is relatively narrow, it is necessary to develop the habit of taking a bath together for two people. Sometimes bathing as usual, sometimes you can enjoy sex. In short, paying attention to physical contact can prevent it from becoming static.