Before the age of 17 years old, I am prone to psychological barriers after I fall in love.

Some people say that the first love is sweet, and it is always a touch of rose red hidden in the bottom of my heart. But if you love you at the wrong time, then you may taste bitter in the future. According to a new study, teenagers who fall in love before the age of 17 may be blessed by this relationship for future psychological barriers. Researchers at Cornell University and the University of North Carolina pointed out that whether these teenagers have specific love objects or are obsessed with idol stars, the results are the same. This is because these children are physiologically mature, but they are not psychologically able to cope with external changes. They face the disturbances and even the emotions in their emotions. They do not know how to treat and deal with problems correctly. Therefore, they will cause more or less trauma to the mind. This will easily lead to psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and alcohol dependence. The researchers also found that especially when girls fall in love before the age of 17, they are more likely to be hurt by the feelings of men and women. The research report shows that emotional entanglement increases the chance of girls suffering from depression by one third. 8 rules of wisdom for managing marriage: Voluntarily choose a partner. The secret to finding true love depends on oneself, from the combination of inner love, not from the pressure of family, the need to ease loneliness, the need for economic life, and the herd behavior of the inherent lifestyle of society. Rule 2: The conclusion of a marriage cannot be achieved overnight, and the construction of a marriage must last a lifetime. From love to marriage, it is a process that requires patience, resources and skills to experience the stages of “electric shock”, exploration, evaluation, intimacy, and mutual commitment. Rule 3: Both husband and wife must grow together. Couples bring new knowledge to each other, help each other to discover potential, surpass themselves, and get along with others in a more mature state of mind. There must be sharing, patience, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness between husband and wife. Rule 4: Love yourself and constantly improve yourself. Your own lovely place is the place to attract your spouse, believe in your own value, respect your wishes and requirements, and be a complete person, not half of who. It is necessary to maintain a permanent appeal by constantly improving the unity of external beauty and inner beauty. Rule 5: Learn to communicate and negotiate. Without good communication, the relationship between husband and wife is like an empty ship carrying a journey of confusion, speculation and misunderstanding. Nothing is more painful than being close to the face. Communication allows the other party to understand what needs, desires, changes and feelings you have. This is an important way for couples to maintain a smooth and active relationship with each other. Rule 6: Careful care for emotions can be a hundred years. Cherish the people you love and cherish your pillows. When a quarrel occurs, an initiative A sincere apology, an open-minded self-criticism, and a good expression can soften the anger of both sides, and even deepen mutual understanding and love by communicating and venting negative emotions. Rule 7: Constantly updated to last forever, happiness forever is to maintain a fresh and lively relationship. Keep up-to-date your emotional relationships, stay fresh and energetic. If something is lost, you have to recreate it. If it breaks, you have to fix it. You must always inject fresh vitality into your marriage, and your marriage will last forever. Both husband and wife should be interactive, harmonious and mutually supportive. When one is weak, another person should help him to be strong and overcome the difficulties. To establish a living mechanism, let your partners share your success and suffering.