Office romance should control these points

Vichy, who took a public relations course at school, was lucky enough to enter the relevant industry after her first job. She looks sweet and has a good body. Naturally, there is no shortage of male pursuits, but she is attracted by the boss who is calm, capable, and dressed every day. When they are working, the drama of the eyebrows is not less. Three months later, they started a secret underground romance. I just didn’t expect that a stupid girl, Vichy, who was planted in love, was surprised by a colleague who had a fiancée from a colleague’s dinner. As a third party, she was unaware of it. After the showdown with the other party, she lost a job and lost her love. Vichy’s story is familiar. Everyone is always cautious about office romance. The notorious example includes the sensational scan of Bill Clinton and the intern Lu Wensky, but Obama and his wife are lawyers in Chicago. The encounter in the office; the screen couples Brad Peter and Angelina Jolie were also attached to the film “Smith Mission.” According to the US website Vault. According to com’s survey, 56% of Americans have had office romances, and 70% of them have more than one office romance experience. The CareerBuilder survey also pointed out that only about 30% of the office romance, and finally to the end of the red carpet. Office romance means that the two have common interests and work goals. If they are properly selected and carefully selected, they may be able to start a relationship based on marriage. Recently, the new book “I just don’t want to be together”, the two sex experts Yu Yuai, will talk to us about the two blind spots of office romance. Blind spot one: Satisfy the sense of security. I love to laugh and say that I may be an office lover. She is a classmate with her college boyfriend. After graduation, she also talked about several office romances. I used to talk about office romances and like to fall in love with my classmates. I would agree to the office romance. One reason why I like Wowo grass is that the object of love is more secure around me. Yu Yu love believes that, in general, women who have no love experience and lack of security feel more like to talk about office romance. Because the office romance is safer, you can always see each other. Many girls have been talking about the love of Wobu Grass, but they are so unaware that it is easy to fall into this state. This is actually a big blind spot. Representing psychology depends on others, or girls are always cared for when they like it, and are concerned by love objects. This is not bad, but you must first recognize your own traits, so that you will not be too dependent on each subsequent feeling and lose yourself. Blind spot 2: The second biggest blind spot for strong control of office romance is the imminent marking. If girls or boys have a tendency to control madness, they should avoid office romance. Because of this day-to-day relationship, it is easy to have the worry of monitoring each other and controlling the size of the other party. Once there is a sticky emotional entanglement, it is difficult to go long-term and even have the potential of a terrorist lover. In a love, freedom and space are the secret to maintaining long-term relationships. Yu Yu love said: No matter whether it is private life or work, you can’t rely on each other. Feelings are feelings, work is work, and the two are confusing. It is the worst situation. Both sides must have a consensus. They must find some space on the benchmarks that they get along with almost 24 hours a day, so that they can have the motivation to continue. For Yu Yu love, as long as it is not uncomfortable with the boss, intervene in other people’s feelings, and use the bed to change the power of work, then I feel that office romance is fun. The intimate and concealed secrets of two people, a small movement in the office, and the same ring, can accelerate the relationship. Whether it is a marriage or a small three, the office romance has become inexplicable For the hotbed of gender communication, it can be seen from the small and fresh “Love Summer 500 Days”, the lustful “Fifty Shadows of Gray”, and the “Du Lala Promotion” in bed. Love is omnipresent and far-reaching. Single, you remember the following rules, you may be able to choose a love object from the office. And the big wife, you have to be careful in the other half of the office, whether there is a red powder confidant. Office Code 1. Try not to date your boss, usually with a supervisor, there is a higher probability of intervening in the feelings of others. Even if it is not a small three, this relationship that makes personal emotions affect the promotion of work is also easy to be gossip by other colleagues, and it will be empty at the same time. 2. Don’t treat office romance as a love habit. If every love is an office romance, then think about whether you are too emotionally dependent, always keen on sticky relationships, and it is difficult to go further in your relationship. 3. Before the situation is yet clear, keep in mind that the mouth is awesome, just remember that silence is gold. Try not to be yourself a gossip center in the office. Once the relationship between the two is stable, try to make it clear as soon as possible, so that colleagues can bless themselves.