Some men just want to sleep, you don’t love you.

Sex is the survival instinct of men, driving them to create and pursue wealth and power. The survival of women is to protect themselves and the next generation. The significance of protecting themselves is to make themselves more conducive to reproduction. We can’t deny that we are also a part of nature’s products. We are still creatures, and naturally we can’t get rid of biology. From a neutral point of view, human beings are not the spirit of all things, just have the ability to think, just like the eagle can fly, the snake can crawl, the high or low, the greatness or not, is just different. Back to the nature of men’s hunters, men are not an animal that is easy to fall in love with others. Don’t think that men are the tools of the shackles, and that being a cow is a matter of falling in love with each other. They are just using poor methods. Hunting things only, but in the end it was played by the prey. Men pay for their sorrows and are satisfying their own self-esteem as a man. When a person has no other choice but to do a cow, he can judge that he is a bad hunter, but he is not in love with it. Perhaps they have not consciously thought that this is love. But that was just a glimpse of wishful thinking. Today we don’t talk about savvy hunters. We talk about normal people who have common sense of hunting and have the right to choose. If every man has the desire to pursue, it must be the stimulation of the time of chasing. Just like a fisherman, the more patient the fisherman, the stronger the fishing technique, the more enjoyable the fish when they hook up, but they won’t necessarily eat after the fish catches up. Men chasing women, divided into two periods, one is called the hunter period, and the hunter period will not enter the input period. After all, although women are described as prey, in the end, no matter who we are, we all want to pursue love, intimacy, and belonging. First define these two periods: during the hunter period, it is a pity that a man loses his shackles. And during this period, men will set traps for many prey at the same time. I just said that the more patient and less vocal the hunter’s skill is, the more the prey will feel special, and enjoy the feeling of being caught. At this time, he likes him. He will be hot and cold, unwilling to give promises, dodge problems, and so on. During the hunter period, men are mainly close to jealousy because of their sexual driving force. Their brain and physiological structure make it natural for them to look at the opposite sex in the first place, instead of investing in their own psychological level from the beginning. The more highly skilled hunting skills, the more things you can hunt, and the less you value the goals that are easy to hunt. So when I go to bed with them, I will let them instantly wipe out your flames. The chance of likes to go to the knees will be reduced instantly. . Men will be very awake after going to bed, while women will be the opposite. But if it’s a poorly crafted hunter, it will be ecstatic when you hunt something, and mistakenly think that you love this prey. If this prey is easy to hunt, it will naturally increase self-esteem for himself and leave the prey behind. Because the opportunity is rare, it has nothing to do with love, but with his own self-respect. If at this time let them know that he likes him very much, he will start looking for other prey, just like when the hunter is still in the hunter stage, the prey continues to run to himself to kill me and kill me, which is a little fun for the hunter. nor. But some hunters will want to put their prey on their side. It is their own thing that they don’t want to let her go. It’s like a dress that hasn’t been worn in the closet for a long time. It’s a pity to throw it away, but it won’t be too cherished. Good hunters don’t necessarily admit or let 妳 know. Poor hunters, they do not have this kind of cognition. But when the investment period is over, it will be painful for a man to lose his embarrassment. This is a bit like the hunter and the prey observing each other. When the time is near, the time is long, the hunter gradually discovers the cuteness of the prey, and finds that it seems that it is very interesting not to kill him. At this time, it is a safe time to go to bed with a man. When a man passes the hunter period, he will start to think about whether he really likes this girl. He will start to measure his time, money, and investment with his efforts. It is not worth it. Men must build their own for a while. Feelings, and during this period must always let men have the pleasure of chasing, and sometimes make him feel that he is fast, sometimes it makes him a little frustrated. The man’s initial pursuit is not an emotional dependence, but a conquest. Men will always want to push the relationship forward and push it to the bed. This is what their body wants to happen, but it is hoped that it will not happen. Because pushing forward is a man-to-woman waste test, he must know that this woman is worthwhile, must know that this woman has self, must know that this woman is principled, must know that this woman is trustworthy. If it is too easy, for men, it is a cheap. Even that is the act that makes them feel good. Men’s sensitivity to language and words is relatively low. They believe in behavior. Once they are too easy to be attacked, no matter what they say, they will not be much help. But if it is too difficult to attack, natural men do not like the feeling of failure and frustration. So it’s the center when you take it right. How long does it take for the hunter to spend the investment period, depending on the hunter’s own ability to detect itself, his ability and environment, The fate gives resistance or thrust. And to let men enter the investment period more quickly, from now on, you must be an individual, not a woman. But at the same time, you must accept that you are a woman, and that we can show our traits and values ​​as women, and we can put them in. If you lack the ability to attract men, please strengthen your trait as a woman, but if you are a person who is easy to attract boys but not easy to retain men, start as an individual rather than a woman. This is like a spectrum. Girls who lack the ability to attract men are not necessarily poor in appearance. The weakness is that they cannot show their qualities as a woman, usually suppressing or giving themselves a framework. The vulnerability is that it is easy to attract men. The weakness is that they are too dependent on the value of women, rather than knowing that to become a truly valuable woman is both.