How to make love more sweet

Love is like a hot potato. When you are hungry, you can’t wait to eat it. You can only spit it out when you swallow it. Therefore, love can’t be too hasty, take it slowly. It is generated according to this purpose. In the process of creating love and enjoying love, you will discover the value of love and the high cost of feelings, so that you can devote yourself to it. To open love with communication is not to say that you can find your own kind of love by looking at the opposite sex, and then you can be together. The door to love is closed, you need to open it to see the prosperity read more

Sex education is not just “a set of”

Sex education is not just “a set of”. In some people’s eyes, sex education seems to teach children how to prevent pregnancy. The reason is very simple. Since it is forbidden for children to have sex, then simply give the child a condom and a set of it. Just after entering adolescence, the little girl who just came to the holiday and has no spermatorrhea, already knows the emergency contraception after the event, the bag with a condom … … their problems make the old workers very surprised. In fact, the little girl knows that emergency contraception after the event and the read more

8 qualities that men must possess after 80s

I don’t know if the times have changed, or what reasons, more and more demands on men, always hope that men can be perfect, but do you really have a perfect man? No, but you can slowly become compliant with her requirements. Now Xiaobian tells you the standards of new and new men in the new era. You can work in this direction, and maybe you will meet her needs. 1. Be crazy and go crazy. Now there are many old wives and wives. The two people live in different times, and the concepts and lifestyles formed will be different. Therefore, it is easy to create contradictions. In fact, the difference read more

Is there a way to solve these problems?

From an early age, we were full of curiosity about the world around us. Although we didn’t ask some naive questions as we did when we were young, there are still many things that we don’t know and that we don’t understand. This kind of question is not only expressed in our perception of the things around us, but also in the sexual life. In many cases, sex life is not as simple as we think. If there is no communication between the sexes, it will seriously affect the quality of sex life. Therefore, when we encounter problems in our sexual life, we must communicate with each other read more

Wife is still a good reason for someone else’s family

It is said that this is the law of opposite sex. This law is not limited to husband and wife, but also the matching of working partners. The opposite sex attracts itself as a normal thing. It is said that the best confidant of a man is a woman, and the best confidant of a woman is a man. The ancients said: “I don’t know the true face of the mountains, only in this mountain.” Then, it is easy for a man to easily praise someone else’s wife. Xiao Bian recommended: 10 live-action dynamic map interpretation of gender communication skills heavy taste: private underwear turned read more

Female friends are prone to pregnancy during ovulation

Every woman has a certain physiological cycle, and there will be menstruation and ovulation. During the ovulation period, the chances of pregnancy will increase in the same room. In the safe period, the room will be relatively safe, so friends who want to get pregnant can stay in the same room during ovulation. Then the ovulation period is easy to conceive, telling everyone that ovulation is relatively easy to conceive under normal circumstances, we should be pregnant during ovulation. Women will have a few days of ovulation in a month. This is also the normal physiological law of women, and read more

Generally women’s menstrual clean days are ovulation

A few days of menstruation is a ovulation period, how can I know? Generally, it is the first seven and the eighth, that is, the first seven days and the last eight days of menstruation is the ovulation period. If it is a woman with regular menstruation, the ovulation period is generally a few days, and there will be no major changes, so often do A good ovulation schedule, so you can know the timing and regularity of your ovulation period. Ovulation and ovulation day 1. Ovulation calendar algorithm: According to the estimated return tide date, 14 days before the calculation, that is, ovulation read more

What should I do without leucorrhea during ovulation? Is it normal?

What should I do if there is no vaginal brushing during ovulation? Is it normal? It is normal to have no vaginal discharge during the ovulation period for a few days. It is a situation that many people will encounter, so don’t worry, if it is impossible to judge the ovulation period by white, then you can use the ovulation test strip to detect the ovulation period. You can also prepare to know the ovulation day. Check the leucorrhea to check whether the vaginal discharge is normal, and observe from the aspects of quantity, color, texture and smell. Normal leucorrhea should be milky white read more

How to judge women’s ovulation period is more accurate

Female friends may not know that predicting the ovulation period can help you develop a baby’s birth plan, and can also help you to have a reasonable contraception, so the ovulation period is also called the easy pregnancy or dangerous period. We will refer to the ovulation period for the first 5 days and the last 4 days of the ovulation day, together with the ovulation day. We can judge the female ovulation period by knowing the following knowledge of ovulation. 1. Will there be a feeling that many people do not feel when ovulating? Only some people may have non-specific symptoms such read more

The number of menstrual ovulation on the 28th is the number

Many female friends can accurately calculate the date of menstruation, but the personal physique is different, the menstruation may be advanced or delayed, then how to calculate the ovulation period in this case, for example, the 28th menstrual ovulation period is When? Today, we will calculate and analyze various reasons for everyone. Menstruation is a typical physiological phenomenon of women. Whether the menstruation is normal every month can show whether the female body is healthy. The fallopian tube is part of the important reproductive organs of women. If it is blocked for some reason, read more