Some men just want to sleep, you don’t love you.

Sex is the survival instinct of men, driving them to create and pursue wealth and power. The survival of women is to protect themselves and the next generation. The significance of protecting themselves is to make themselves more conducive to reproduction. We can’t deny that we are also a part of nature’s products. We are still creatures, and naturally we can’t get rid of biology. From a neutral point of view, human beings are not the spirit of all things, just have the ability to think, just like the eagle can fly, the snake can crawl, the high or low, the greatness or not, read more

Why do men want to be strong and strong?

Why do men want to be strong and strong? Because male sexual ability does not only mean the performance of men in bed, it also represents many aspects of men, such as self-esteem, self-confidence, strength, strength and so on. The sexual ability of men has been developed from the wilder era to the maturity of the reproduction, and has developed into a comprehensive manifestation of all the above aspects. Especially in modern society, male sexuality seems to be a more sensitive topic. Work stress and environmental deterioration lead to a decline in male sexual ability, which makes many men unable read more

Office romance should control these points

Vichy, who took a public relations course at school, was lucky enough to enter the relevant industry after her first job. She looks sweet and has a good body. Naturally, there is no shortage of male pursuits, but she is attracted by the boss who is calm, capable, and dressed every day. When they are working, the drama of the eyebrows is not less. Three months later, they started a secret underground romance. I just didn’t expect that a stupid girl, Vichy, who was planted in love, was surprised by a colleague who had a fiancée from a colleague’s dinner. As a third party, she was read more

Before the age of 17 years old, I am prone to psychological barriers after I fall in love.

Some people say that the first love is sweet, and it is always a touch of rose red hidden in the bottom of my heart. But if you love you at the wrong time, then you may taste bitter in the future. According to a new study, teenagers who fall in love before the age of 17 may be blessed by this relationship for future psychological barriers. Researchers at Cornell University and the University of North Carolina pointed out that whether these teenagers have specific love objects or are obsessed with idol stars, the results are the same. This is because these children are physiologically mature, read more

Excessive love brings unexpected injuries and can’t afford

Sexual knowledge Daquan Do you know what? What do you want to know about sex sex? You can’t eat it all night long. Excessive love brings unexpected injuries. The following Xiaobian tells you what to do with sex. Night 嘿咻 嘿咻 嘿咻 恩 恩 竟 竟 竟 竟 竟 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国 美国. Sexual headaches begin with a pain, and the pain read more

The love of the whole person lying in the bathtub

Speaking of sex will naturally lead to a climax. Let us first analyze the source of the climax. The climax is the sensitive point of mutual stimulation between the two sexes, thus getting physical and spiritual satisfaction; and sex is a thing full of imagination and new ideas. Unchanging sex is like a routine. Without a passion orgasm, you are getting farther and farther away from you. Today we introduce the sex process in the bathtub. It is the bath that everyone knows. It is easiest to achieve a lot of difficult postures in sex in the water, because the body in the water is usually lighter read more

Nightclub Raiders: How to hunt in the bar

At night, the majority of the hunters are excited and intoxicated. In fact, for the hunters, the best goal is to be in the bar. However, male friends who first entered this road may not understand the hidden rules of many bars to pick up and pick up girls. At this time, you need to listen to the opinions of the veterans. How to pick up a girl at a nightclub? This is also very knowledgeable. 1. Take the bar as a task First, I think you should look at the bar as a military action. In other words, treat it as a task. 2, learn to be alone and avoid mixing with your friends, unless they are very read more

What factors will destroy happy marriage?

The freezing of three feet is not a cold day, the bursting of marriage is not caused by two small things, but the erosion of marriage slowly under the accumulation of many factors. So, what are the factors that undermine marriage after marriage? Xiao Bian summed up a few points for everyone, I hope to inspire everyone and avoid the unfortunate consequences of marriage. I don’t know how to care for my husband during the love period. Men will take more care of women. After marriage, men are busy with their careers. Under the increasing pressure of society, men almost do not care about their read more

Husband and wife’s sexual life is not harmful

According to foreign media reports, a new study by Boston University in the United States found that irregular sexual life is an important fuse for couples’ disagreement. It also affects human health. When it is serious, it can induce heart disease and endanger life. This statement is not alarmist. Sexual life is a relatively intense exercise. Sexual excitement can cause a series of corresponding physiological changes in the nervous system, circulation, respiration and digestion of the sexual organs and the whole body. If you are unhealthy or do not exercise regularly, sudden sexual life read more

breakup has become your soul killer

Broken becomes your soul killer to keep good memories: If you can, although you have broken up, try to remember your happy time with him to reduce your hatred of him or him. 1. Always go if you want to go: If unfortunately, your boyfriend said to you to break up, don’t ignore him to keep him. Because if he really changed his mind, or if everyone’s personality is different, and then get along, it will only end unpleasantly. Therefore, it would be better to leave a good impression to the other party. 2. Decisive, firm, and honest: To break up, we must be firm. As for honesty, it is read more