Guan Ying’s daughter steals high heels photos cute and full

Star Network Information, May 18, Guan Ying uploaded a photo of her daughter on her own Weibo, and said with a text: “Stolen high heels, how do u like them C? (How do you feel? C girl ?)” The daughter in the photo is wearing a beige gauzy princess dress, wearing the same series of yarn hairpins, holding the mirror, and wearing a pair of pink high-heeled shoes. The ancient spirits look like people. Netizens have said: “Hey, does the little princess want to be a queen?” “So cute, I like to dress up now!” “Smelly C sister!” This article comes from read more

Xie Na Zhang Jie’s low-key dog ​​food recording program came in one after the other

Star network information, on May 25, Zhang Jie Xie Na appeared in Hunan Radio and Television Building, the two entered the scene separately, the dog food was very low-key. According to the news, Zhang Jie and Xie Na contracted the recording of “Happy Camp”, which is also a husband and wife file. This is the first time that Xie Na has participated in a variety show after she gave birth to a baby. She is also participating in the show again after Zhang Jie’s new dad. At the scene, Xie Na and Zhang Jie are also full of enthusiasm, seeing fans and not forgetting to say hello. This read more

Xue Zhiqian’s ex-girlfriend Li Yutong’s Taobao shop was reduced from 4.9 to 4.1 by malicious retaliation.

Li Yutong, who is certified as a “brand manager”, has entered the public eye because of the continuous emotional entanglement of Xue Zhiqian last year. On June 6th, Li Yutong issued a microblog that his own women’s clothing store will stop being new, and mentioned that “the other party is willing to spend money in the dark to sue for all kinds of bad behaviors. I really can’t control it.” At the same time, she also replied to the netizen commented on Weibo: “The shop score has dropped from 4.9 to 4.1, and the photo was taken and returned, and many pieces were read more

Zhang Han-sun and the classmates gathered together and the netizens exclaimed: This is obviously not a generation!

Stars are always better than ordinary people. This should be no one to question! Zhang Han is actually very fond of participating in some class reunions. The last photo of the party was also scared by netizens. Zhang Han and his classmates are almost the same age, and their appearance is also much different! It is said that these are the primary school students of Zhang Han, but to be honest, it is obviously the same age. But in addition to Zhang Han in the photo, the other boys are all abdomen, a little blessed! Only Zhang Han, clear and thin, can still afford three words of small meat. This read more

Cosmetic surgery changes fate! An actress ugly duckling is attacked into a goddess and marries into the giants.

As the saying goes, the female university has changed eighteen. Every girl has a good hope about the ugly duckling becoming a white swan, but the fairy tale is a fairy tale after all, and sometimes it can only exist in imagination, but the 31-year-old actress Ying Yae of Thailand actually took 11 years to achieve From the ugly to the “goddess” counterattack. Ying Yae has a good face and a hot body. She is famous on social media. She is a well-known blogger and fashionista in Thailand and has many fans. But you must not have imagined that Ying Yae’s appearance was not outstanding read more

YY Xiaozhou explores a variety of live broadcast styles, earthy taste, superstars hold live

Recently, YY anchor Xiaozhou is bold and innovative, and constantly tries to diversify the live content. On June 24th, as the first host, Xiaozhou prepared a wonderful “World Cup” superstar joint feast for fans in the live broadcast room. On the same day, football legend Owen came to the YY6737 live room to interact face-to-face with fans during the live broadcast. Due to the rich topic of live broadcasts on the day, the activities were interesting, and the fans of the fans were rushing to “fun”. On the day of the launch, it set a grand occasion for more than 100,000 fans read more



陈哲远斗鱼直播间id是多少? read more

天然是优我马蜀君家族背景被暴光 天然是优我成员都有谁?。

《天然是优我》是浙江卫视推出的重型女团音乐养成神人秀 read more


正在事先,咱们群落就曾公布过一度廓清帖,注明王源的qq号微信号是未裸露的,可是明显还是有很多人置信网上的叫做王源qq号微信号。而据6月16日宣布的《2016年重庆热99re久久精品市中先生艺术 团招生拟录取名单》显现,正在声乐组别中,王源位列重庆南开国学(高中)拟招收名单第一位。他自身就有歌谣底子,受过业余声乐培训,风琴专长,14岁就会本人作词作曲
jessica周晗 : 哎……又要出布告还得考的好,盯着你们的人那样多,才十多少岁,好辛劳呀!
小鹿仙 read more